The International Conference on Information System Security, Risk Management, and E-Commerce Transactions (ISSRMET2015)

Thematic fields

    Reliability Modeling and Prediction for E-Commerce Systems
    E-Commerce Transactionsi
    Investment Risk Management
    Operational Risk Management
    Risk Management Techniques for Activ
    Risk Management in Petroleum and Ga
    Enterprise Risk Management
    Risk Management of IT
    Risk Transfer Strategies
    Practical Risk Management
    Risk Management in Banking Industry
    Risk Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Security Risk Management
    Electronic Fund Transfer
    Internet Marketing
    Decision Support Systems
    Customer Relationship Management
    E-commerce Systemsi
    Online Transaction Processing
    Supply Chain Management
    Key Factors for Developing a Successful E-Commerce System
    Secure Electronic Transaction in E-Commerce
    Enterprise Business Systems
    Enterprise Business Systems
    E-Commerce Applications and Issues
    Automated Data Collection Systems
    Electronic Data Interchange and the Barriers for Implementation
    Medical Device Risk Management
    Risk Management of Natural Disasters
    Resource Risk Management
    Data Resource Management
    Cloud Computing Security Issues and its Challenges
    Information Redundancy in Cloud Computing
    Intelligent Database Security
    Cloud Computing Security Models
    Access Control Systems
    Data Classification and Clustering
    Access Control Mechanisms and Data Classification
    Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Business
    Cyber Security Models
    Information Security Models
    Telecommunication and Networks
    Network Monitoring
    Security, Ethical, and Social Challenges
    Risk Management of Financial Information
    Risk Handling Strategies
    Risk Management
    Digital Right Management and Multimedia Protection
    Cloud Computing Security Management
    Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges
    InformationSecurity and Event Management
    Mobile Secure Gateway
    Security and Robustness in Wireless Networks
    Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
    Using Information Technology for Strategic Advantages
    Cyber Security Risk Evaluation
    Information System Security